Secrets of Succeeding in Job Interviews

There are some basic types of information secrets recruiters seek from job seekers during a typical job interview. Knowing what these points are and how to answer the questions that arise from them will make you better prepared and more in control of the interview process.

Each is designed to showcase your best skills and qualifications. Together, they make up a six point strategy that would enable you to seal your qualification in any interview situation. You can’t possibly be prepared for every situation, but once you have developed these key secrets, you would be able to apply them to any interview question you face.

Ask yourself, “Why am I interested in working in this field in this industry?”. Do you have a passion for the business? If so, why? Give specific examples of the things that excite you. This could be anything from enjoying the challenge of meeting increasingly higher sales goals, to a sense of satisfaction derived from developing a product from the creation stage to final production. Offer personal experience where possible.

Interviewers will want to know why you want a job with their company. Ask yourself, “Why do I want this interview?”. Don’t simply repeat your resume and employment history. What is the most compelling case you can make to prove your interest? Have you used the company’s products or talked to its customers or competitors?

Consider your key skills and how you will use them in this job. Avoid unnecessary answer and generalities; instead, offer specific evidence. Think about your weaknesses and how you can minimize and balance them with your strengths. Try to describe yourself as objectively as possible. Avoid sounding arrogant or defensive.

Discuss your specific qualifications for the job. How well do they meet the requirements for the position? Your answer should describe both positive and negative aspects of recent jobs without dwelling on the negative aspects. Conclude by focusing on what you are seeking in your next job. Keep in mind that your next response should match closely the position you are applying for.

Offer proof, with examples, of your problem solving. How you have resolved difficult issues in the past? Are you practical in how you apply technical skills? Are you realistic? Focus on real issues.

Do you have a balanced lifestyle? Is your personality reflected in the type of job you choose as well as in the outside activities you pursue? Is your personal and career interest compatible? The interviewer will also be interested in your small involvement. How commendably would you reflect the company image?